Gearing up for back to school around here and I was digging into the archives for lunchbox packing inspiration and thought I’d share a few of my tried and true tricks for kid-approved lunches. See my ideas and lots of lunchbox faves below! Use cookie cutters. I love to use cookie cutters to stamp out different shaped fruits, toasts, and sandwiches. I know it’s an extra step in the lunch packing process but I’m all about adding to joy to mealtime, and I swear it makes picky toddlers eat more of what’s in their lunch box.

Same goes for fun toothpicks! They can make leftovers from your fridge turn into fun mini kabobs – use cheese, leftover chicken, chopped up veggies. If your kids are into dipping, pair them with hummus or ranch! I find they make plucking fruit out of bento box containers much easier for little fingers too. Obviously use your discretion, these work better for older kids.

Try a snack plate. Filling up a bento box with a kid-friendly snack-plate is my favorite way to clean out the fridge and add some variety to our lunch routine. Mix and match few different bites that are easy to pull out of the fridge and quickly prepare, check out this post for tons of snack combo ideas.

Cupcake liners for lunchbox dividers! Use paper baking cups inside larger containers to divide up fruit, veggies, cheeses, and snacks. It keeps things neat in the lunchbox and prevents things from getting soggy.

Make Pinwheel Wraps! These are just good ol’ fashioned roll-up sandwiches, but being thoughtful about the different colors of ingredients gives them a punchy-look that kids love.

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