Right away when I found out I was pregnant my friends and family jokingly asked if I was ready to become a “mommy blogger” and I scoffed at it with such repulsion! After keeping my new secret  from the blog for so long though,  I realized that there was no way I could  really separate something so big happening in my life from my writing here. When I first started the site, I was decorating our first apartment, and a lot of the content focused on decorating. As I got engaged, wedding content started popping up here a lot more often. My favorite part about maintaining this blog is that it has been like a living diary for me to catalog my experiences, and I don’t think this next phase of my life will be any different.IMG_4778In fact, one of my guilty pleasures of pregnancy so far has been reading back through some of my favorite bloggers’ pregnancy experiences on their blogs and getting the details on their cravings, how they were feeling, and all of those fun little details they recorded to remember. I love the idea of keeping a personal log of how I’m experiencing it too, and checking in along the pregnancy to catalog little tidbits about what I was excited about, which foods grossed me out, and what I was feeling. Plus I have found other bloggers posts super helpful, so maybe these will help someone else out too!

What I’m wearing: I’ve been lucky that even into my 5th month, I haven’t really needed maternity clothes yet and have been trying get by with some transitional pieces (i.e.: Stretchy) before I have to start buying real maternity clothes. I have some easy skirts from Ellie Kai (where I work!) that have thick fold-over waistbands that have been on constant repeat with swingy Boden t-shirts. For nights out, I’m living in this Old Navy maxi dress — I’ve never been a maxi dress girl but this one fit so well and is incredibly comfortable! The one big change I’ve made is attempting to wear my unsupportive sandals a tiny bit less, and slipping on some classic white Converse sneakers when I can. I’m holding out for Fall to buy maternity clothes, that cooler weather is hopefully coming soon as I start to get a little bigger!

What I’m eating: The first three months were admittedly pretty rough on the food front. I never got sick, but most food was incredibly unappealing to me and anything with even a moderate scent gave me a wave of nausea. I probably lost 5-6 lbs and tried to just eat whatever I could to keep my energy up — which meant small portions of carbs like Annie’s Mac and Cheese, lots of cereal, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The strangest thing was feeling so grossed out by foods I normally loved. The smell of coffee — which I typically love — was bothering me, and I went from eating eggs for breakfast every single morning to not being able to even stand in the same room when my husband was cooking them! Things are getting better now, though eggs still bother me a bit and chicken hasn’t been doing it for me. I would say my first wild craving has been for cinnamon buns, which my girlfriend brought for me from a bakery after I told her I couldn’t stop thinking about them!

What I’m drinking: Given that it’s been summer and I’m laying off the margaritas and rosè (sighhhh), I have had  enjoying a ton of lemonade and iced tea when I’m out with friends. At home, orange seltzer has been a favorite!

What I’m reading: I’ve been reading What to Expect When You’re Expecting, but trying to read each chapter according to the month that I’m in (I keep joking to my husband that I don’t want to spoil the ending!). It’s a good basic read, though I feel like I get a lot of the same information my pregnancy tracking app on my phone. I’ve also gotten the sudden urge to really tackle my summer reading list (some of my recommendations here) because I keep thinking about how little time I’ll have to enjoy those quiet “me” moments once the baby is born. Next on the list is Bringing up Bebewhich I obviously picked for the cute cover. 

What I’ve bought: Since we *just* found out the gender I haven’t really bought anything! We’ve gotten a few cute presents from friends and family (I’m obsessed a gift we received of pieces from June and January — the cutest colors and stripes!). The one item I did splurge on as soon as I found it online was a “poppin’ bottles” baby t-shirt. I don’t know what it says about me that the first thing I bought for our baby is adorned by a champagne-fueled pun, but I had to have it!

What I’m loving: I have had a lifelong struggle with the concept of “slowing down” — taking it easy is just not something I’ve ever been good at! The first few months I was exhausted, and not feeling well, and it forced me to slow it down, whether I liked it or not. At first I was bummed out to let the blog slide a little bit, but I couldn’t pump out content, or attend events, or take on projects at the same pace I’d been keeping up. Now that I’ve been taking it easier for a few months I find that I’m really enjoying. Letting go of a little guilt that I should be working on the blog, or working on house projects, or attending an event in the city is always a challenge, but the alternative is that we’ve really been able to enjoy our summer. Reading books on the couch, enjoying a nap on the beach, and maybe sometimes even not photograping my meal have been lovely little alternatives to the pace I was used to.

What I’m feeling: I guess the answer to this question is … all the feelings? Month one: nausea and exhaustion, and a little bit of panic — as in how are we going to afford a baby, how am I going to “do it all” and will I ever feel normal again? Month two: sensitive. Like crying when I saw a puppy, or caught a piece of news on the TV, or heard any Adele song on the radio. Month three: a bit of calm. That slowing down finally felt good and I found a way to enjoy it. Month four: excitement! Excitement because we found out the gender, excitement because I finally shared the big news online, and excitement because it’s starting to feel real.

What’s next: On the non-fun list, researching daycares (see, there’s still a little bit of that panic leftover from the first few months). On the fun list, lots of brainstorming about how we’ll decorate the nursey (I have a rekindled love affair with Pinterest) and researching all of the fun gear we’ll need while working on our baby registry!

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