When I say hostess gift, what’s your go-to idea? I bet it’s wine! I love giving a bottle of wine when I get invited somewhere for dinner, or a bottle of bubbly for brunch. I was thinking recently about ways to jazz up this traditional hostess gift with something a bit more fun and unexpected. Warmer weather is right around the corner, and I love a glass of fruity, crisp white sangria. My DIY light bulb went off and I thought how fun it would be to make a sangria kit to bring along to parties.Making the sangria base is almost foolproof; I mixed and matched a few combinations of fruits in mason jars to create different sangria flavors. Orange slices, blueberries and raspberries in one, and a ton of different types of citrus in the other. Add a little bit of water and just a teaspoon of sugar into the jars before sealing them up to create a sweet simple syrup out of the fruits. I labeled each jar with some old-school black and white labels from my label maker too!For wines, I chose some Bota Mini flavors that can be mixed and matched with the fruit bases. I love these wines for their convenient (and colorful!) packaging — they’re 100% recyclable, how cool is that? They’re great quality wines to serve as a base for the sangria. Plus we love to bring cocktails to the beach in the summer for an evening happy hour or pizza night date and they’re a great alternative to bringing glass (and a corkscrew!) to the beach. They travel well, and look so cute in my sangria kit basket!
To finish the kit off, I added in a few little extra festive details like party napkins, fun paper straws, a cutting board for adding in some extra fresh fruits. It all came together in a modern copper wire basket for a hostess gift that goes above and beyond! But it’s so darn cute and tasty, I just might keep this one for myself


Please note: this post was created in partnership with Bota Box wines, all opinions, images, and ideas are my own.