The holidays take on a whole new meaning with kids; I love that there’s magic in the season from seeing Jane get excited about the lights and decorations. Now that she’s starting to understand the specialness of the holiday season a little bit more, I’m eager to start some new holiday traditions that she’ll remember. One tradition that I was thinking would be really fun to try with her this year is decorating gingerbread houses. She’s very into arts and crafts, and let’s be honest, she’s veryinto eating cookies and sweets. I decided to set up a little gingerbread house decorating station on her play table to try it out! I shared a few pictures here, and have all of the details for how to set up a gingerbread house decorating party of your own over on the Chinet blog today. I think it’s such a fun idea for kids (and the adults will love it too!) – head over to check the party out!


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