Every time I host a party I swear to myself that I’m going to keep things simple, and then usually about 48 hours before the party starts I’ve got half a dozen active craft projects in-progress. It’s always worth it in the end though, because those custom details are the things that stand out! I made a bunch of fun DIY elements for my sister’s recent bridal shower, and thought I’d share a few of the super-easy ideas I crafted up to make the day feel personalized to our guest of honor! The best part is, each one of incredibly easy to do! In an effort to be a little bit more eco-friendly with my party supplies, I’ve been using compostable bamboo flatware instead of the usual colorful plastic forks you can get at party stores. They look a little less festive though, so to give them a pop of color I painted a colorblock on the bottom of each utensil with acrylic craft paint. I’ve found that Target has really well curated craft paint colors, and I brought in one of the floral party napkins to match up colors for the project. It’s such a simple customization that made the flatware really pop on the buffet!One of my favorite things to add to bridal shower decor is photos of the happy couple, and after trying many variations of this DIY I finally found one technique that makes it SO simple to create: stickers! I used MOO printing to upload tons of photos of my sister and her fiancé and had them printed on circular stickers. It’s inexpensive — 50+ stickers cost about $12, and fast — I got them printed up in less than a week. I used two of the images back to back and stuck them onto flat craft picks to make little cupcake toppers. The kids loved them, Jane yelled “hey it’s Mara!” when she got her cupcake. I used the same sticker printing method to add personalized images to a set of plastic cocktail glasses for some festive drink ware (these colorful cups were a great find at Target!). Since there were so many combinations of sticker images and cup colors, they ended up acting as drink markers too — guests remembered they had the pink cup with the black and white image. I will definitely be keeping this DIY trick up my sleeve for future parties — like baby pictures of the parents on cups for a baby shower, or throwback pictures of a couple for an anniversary party!