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I’m all about easy entertaining ideas, and with warm weather and al fresco dining on the horizon, a family-friendly DIY burger bar fits the bill! I’m excited to be partnering with BUBBA burger this summer on a tasty burger recipe series, and we’re kicking things off with the classic, juicy cheeseburgers with all of the traditional toppings that guests can assemble to make their favorite combinations! BUBBA burger makes it super convenient to pull this idea together, from freezer to grill or skillet, they’re ready in about 10 minutes and they come in a variety of options to fit everyone’s food needs – beef, turkey and even plant-based (veggie) burgers! For this classic burger spread, I went with their beef burgers, made with just one ingredient – ground beef chuck (no additives or preservatives!).I love this idea for casual weekend entertaining, those kinds of days where you’re looking to put food on the table for a crowd after a beach or pool day. There’s so much nostalgia in a classic cheeseburger – I think of it as a summer comfort food! To prep the burger bar, I’ll start by putting some frozen french fries, waffle fries, onions rings or tater tots in the oven to crisp up and then switch my attention to the burger toppings. Sliced tomatoes, fresh crispy green lettuce, and thin rings of a colorful red onion will add some fresh flavor to the burgers. I’ll also put out a variety of pickles so there’s something for everyone – sliced bread and butter pickles, classic dill pickles, and mini cornichons. Nestle in some condiment bowls to the tray too – ketchup, mustard and mayo are my faves but you could add in barbecue sauce or a homemade special sauce.The BUBBA burgers cook in just about 10 minutes on the grill, so I cook those last to make sure they’re piping hot and covered in delicious, melted cheese. Tuck the cooked BUBBA burgers, topped with cheese, into seeded buns and add them to your burger tray with the hot fries. Everyone can build their own burger and plate, with their favorite combination of toppings!PS: Click Here To Learn All About BUBBA.