One of my favorite posts of the year — my annual Thanksgiving recipe round up! I’ve got 50 (!!) recipes from my archives with all of the tasty inspiration you need to get for cocktail hour, the best side dishes, sweet desserts, and all the advice you need to make every part of your holiday meal delicious. Scroll down to get inspired and build your Thanksgiving menu with fresh ideas: read more

My very Trader Joe’s inspired Thanksgiving recipe series wraps up today with an easy, no-bake, three-ingredient Thanksgiving dessert: Gingersnap Pumpkin Cheesecake Trifles!  Using a layers of chopped up frozen pumpkin cheesecake, crushed ginger snap cookies and whipped cream I created a delightfully simple but flavor-packed trifle to serve for holiday guests. Get the how-to below!
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Continuing our Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving hacks series this week with another tasty, four-ingredient appetizer that’s just about as easy as pie to make: Cranberry Pecan Crostini! I took a ciabatta baguette (any baguette will do!), sliced it into rounds and arranged them on a baking sheet. Give them a little drizzle with olive oil and toast them up in the oven. When they’re golden brown, take them out and give them a dollop of cranberry sauce, a crumble of cranberry stilton cheese and finish them off with a few candied pecans – delicious! read more

I love thinking up fun ways to get kids involved with holiday celebrations, like coloring in turkey crowns or this “cornucopia” snack mix, but I have to let you in on a little secret: the adults usually love these details just as much as the kids! I mixed up a batch of this snack mix – a spin on homemade Chex mix with some fun additions like candied peans, Reese’s pieces and pumpkin candies – and served it in big waffle cones to make it look like a cornucopia. They’re fun handheld treats for kids (and my husband, who loves this snack mix more than anyone!) — get the recipe below!  read more

Mixing up a spiced, seasonal drink for my #domestikatehappyhour series that’s a perfect concoction to serve at Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving celebrations: a spiced whiskey sour! It’s got all the makings of a classic whisky sour, but with hints of fall flavor from fresh squeezed clementine citrus and a spiced simple syrup made with fragrant cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and chai tea. Get the recipe below and mix one up for your friends and family!  read more

One of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes is a green bean casserole. I think it’s partially because it’s one of those dishes that we only eat at Thanksgiving, so every bite really tastes like the holiday. Last year I gave the classic version of the recipe a new twist with a French onion soup style green bean casserole, complete with melty cheese on top! This year, while brainstorming my Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving short cuts series, I decided to give my green bean casserole an appetizer makeover and bake the chopped up green beans with some condensed mushroom soup inside frozen puff pastry bites (side note: Trader Joe’s Frozen Puff Pastry is some of the best, it’s made with real butter so it gets that homemade flaky crust that’s hard to achieve with many store-bought brands!). After the warm, bubbly, green bean and mushroom-flavored pastry bites come out of the oven they get topped with the best part of the dish — the crunchy fried onions. Irresistible! Get the full recipe below for your Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving holiday celebrations.  read more

Sharing an easy way to set the Thanksgiving table with Fancypants Baking Co’s adorable decorated cookies. I picked their turkey cookies, but there are lots of other seasonal shapes, like festive leaves, that you can pick to match your table décor. Grab some edible ink pens and scroll each guest’s name across the cookies, then use them as place cards at each table setting, or as a fun way to decorate the kids table! read more

Gearing up for the holiday entertaining season has me digging into the blog archives for all of my favorite holiday cocktail recipes! Get your bar cart ready and your cocktail menu inspired with 10 of my favorite festive holiday drink recipes below — from big batch drinks and punch recipes, to sparkling sips and spiced seasonal cocktails, there’s something for everyone!  read more

My favorite way to use Thanksgiving leftovers is this tasty, savory, layered pie with all of the best holiday flavors packed inside. It’s usually a fun way to reimagine the aftermath of the big feast, filling a pie crust with layers of stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, turkey and cranberry sauce. This year, I thought I’d make it before Thanksgiving with the help of some of my favorite Trader Joe’s shortcuts — I grabbed frozen pie dough and mashed potatoes, jars of gravy and cranberry sauce, and a box of their cornbread stuffing mix — those quick little Trader Joe’s hacks made for quick work of assembling this recipe. It would be a perfect dish to bring to a Friendsgiving celebration! Get the recipe below:
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It’s that time of year again, my annual Thanksgiving recipe round up! I’ve got over 40 recipes from my archives with all of the tasty inspiration you need to get from cocktail hour to dessert. The best side dishes, from timeless classics to unique varieties, and tips for how to make every part of your meal come out delicious. Get inspired and build your Thanksgiving menu!  read more

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