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My brain has been colliding with lots of conflicting new recipe ideas for the New Year. On one hand, I know that everyone wants healthy ideas this time of year, with resolutions fresh on our mind. On the other hand, we have been snowbound the past few weekends, camped out on the couch watching football and movies and needing some delicious snacks to fuel our coziness. I’ve been thinking, is it even possible to think of snacks and entertaining ideas that cross these two categories? And then my friends at Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP sent me some of their classic popcorn flavors in the mail and the light bulb went off. My Sunday afternoons have been missing a football-viewing popcorn bar.Oh man, I love this popcorn, I have zero self-control around it! To give it a game-day snack spin, I thought it would be a fun idea to set up a few big bowls of different flavors (Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn and Real Butter are my favorites) and DIY some football-inspired cones for serving.If you have a pair of scissors and a stapler, you can easily make these paper cones. I’m all for easy entertaining DIYs, because I usually decide that I need to make them about 15 minutes before friends and family come over, so fast is a necessity. Start with some brown scrapbooking paper, which is usually 12”x12” and cut it in half diagonally to get two triangles. Take one of the triangles and begin rolling into a cone shape. Once the cone is formed and the bottom point looks closed, take a stapler and staple the end of the rolled paper in place. You may need a second staple further into the cone to keep the end of the paper secure, staple if necessary. You should have two points of the triangle sticking up on the top of the cone opening; use a pair of scissors to trim them down to get your desired cone shape. I like to leave a little bit of a raised point in the back of the cone so that more popcorn can rest against it as it’s filled to the brim.Then, to decorate the brown cones, I cut thin strips of white mailing labels to stick on “laces” to finish the football look. You could use a white paint pen too, but I think the white mailing label strips give the football cones a little bit of depth, like real laces! I used a paper cutter to get the strips in a straight, uniform shape, but regular scissors and a steady hand will work too. Display them with a few bowls of popcorn, labels to note the varying flavors, and spoons to scoop the popcorn in. All that’s left to do is fill them up with your favorite Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP flavors!