I need to admit something: I’m not actually throwing an Oscars viewing party. I used to have a few of my work friends over to watch the Academy Awards back when I was young and fun and didn’t mind staying up late on a Sunday night. These days, it would be a certified miracle if I didn’t fall asleep on the couch before they announced Best Picture. The good news is, I’m an entertaining blogger! Which means I get to throw fake parties a week before any actual holiday or event in order to share my fun ideas for hosting your own celebration! So, I put together some ideas for a Hollywood-inspired, black tie grazing board to get ready for some awards show viewing this weekend. I won’t be sharing this with any Oscars night party guests, but I will certainly be making a mini-version for myself because I need to fuel up on snacks while I’m judging the red carpet from my cozy spot on the couch.Here’s what’s on my awards show viewing board! I started in the center with a Boursin cheese, and used a star cookie cutter to press into the center and fill with apricot preserves – the golden color of the Oscars statues. Next I used mini cookie cutters to stamp out star-shaped cheese pieces out of cheddar, Colby, and pepperjack cheeses. A helpful tip for getting these to be a consistent thickness is to use the cracker cut slices from the grocery store (Trader Joe’s makes a good variety pack!). I nestled in a few different types of crackers – look for interesting shapes and textures to give the board some variety. I found small star-shaped cracker bites that were a perfect addition to the Hollywood board! Golden berries and golden raisins brought in more gold-tones to the board.  Blackberries, dark chocolate covered pretzels, and black and white cookies finished off the board with a black-tie twist and added a bit of sweetness to the display! You can serve it with some bubbly champagne in festive coupes, and add a few of the sweet berries from the board into your drinks to tie it all together. (PS: Last year I made a movie-night grazing board for the Oscars, check it out for more awards show viewing party inspiration!)