We are all camped out on the couch this afternoon, recovering from Jane’s birthday party and ready for relaxation and non-stop football watching. One of my favorite football snacks is a loaded potato skin — I’m always on board for potatoes topped with cheese and sour cream — but they can take awhile to make. I have been brainstorming some new recipes for my Super Bowl menu and this is my new shortcut for all of that loaded potato skin flavor in half the time.I picked up frozen potato latkes and heated them up in the oven until they were warm and crispy (Trader Joe’s has great ones, and they make a cauliflower alternative too if you’re watching your diet ). Then I gathered all of the typical potato skin toppings: chopped bits of bacon, sour cream, cheddar cheese, and minced fresh scallions. I assembled the toppings on each latke and served them warm; they’re the perfect quick-fix replacement for twice-baked potatoes and have all of the same great flavor. Easy and delicious — just the kind of thing I want on my Sunday football menu!